Dancingrightpastya Tribute

DancingrightpastayasmWe are sad to say that Dancingrightpastya has passed. Dancingrightpastya was by the great Martha Six Moons. Dancingrightpastya looked very similar to his father and carried his looks and athleticism onto his colts.

Dancingrightpastya was our first stallion to stand and breed. His kind nature is what bought us into the world of breeding. He was always easy to handle and liked to have a true connection with someone. He was the type of horse a person would fall in love with.  He enjoyed being groomed and having his ears rubbed. If he really enjoyed your company, he would give you a big lick.

As a barrel horse he loved competition and was a true thrill to run and compete on. He had a very long stride that could cover ground, and he could shorten that stride and turn quickly.

When he was young he deeply cut his front foot, this injury shortened his barrel racing career. This same injury is what shortened his life.  We feel blessed that we have several of his daughters to continue to breed.
We will greatly miss having our “Big Guy” around to enjoy. I know he is running with the best now without pain.

We have limited colts available and some of his mares/daughters are in our broodmare band.