Horses for Sale

Sitnal Livestock is please to offer the following horses for sale. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or to see one of these horses.

YouTube-logo-full_color280Watch videos of some of our offerings on our YouTube channel! The sire and dam of each horse is listed below the photo along with the year of birth, color and sex of each horse. Click on “View Complete Pedigree” for more information, including the complete pedigree. And click on the year tabs to filter the horses and view only those born during that year.

SL Playing with Fire
*SOLD* SL Smart Little Fire
*SOLD* SL Little Teddy Bear
**SOLD** SL Night Games
**SOLD** SL Dashing Dorcey
**SOLD**SL French Letter
**SOLD** SL Travel N Style
**SOLD**SL The Foal Monty
**SOLD**SL Cash For Jets
**SOLD**SL Colonels Dream
SL Mystical Money ~ SOLD
SL Shez Special ~ SOLD
*SOLD* SL Dashing By Design
**SOLD** SL Dirty Money
*SOLD* SL Tesla Dot Com
*SOLD* SL Place Your Bets
**SOLD** SL Ima Star Dot Com
*SOLD* SL Cassanova Star
**SOLD** SL Cheers To Cash